India’s Defense Minister – Nirmala Seetharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman, the pride of Tiruchi

She is the second woman Defense Minister after late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

Most Tiruchites were glued to the television on Sunday as the ‘daughter of the soil’ Nirmala Sitharamantook oath as the Defence Minister of the nation.

She is the second woman Defence Minister of the country after the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who held the post.

Faculties and students of Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College where the new Defence Minister had studied B.A. Economics from 1977 to 1980, were on cloud nine.

Institutions in Tiruchi have always had the pride of place for having shaped the future of two former Presidents R. Venkataraman and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who had their moorings in National College and St. Joseph’s College respectively.

The student days of Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman at SRC was as much impressive, recalled Usha Chandrasekar, retired Head of English Department.

Ms. Sitharaman had a continuous association with the English Department as an active participant in debates, discussions and quiz competitions, Prof. Usha said.

The self-confidence and leadership material in her was very much evident even then, she said.

Ms. Nirmala had visited the college twice since 2011. When she visited for the first time during 2011, Ms. Sitharaman was the spokesperson of BJP.

Last year, the faculty and students had the privilege of interacting with her as the Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry.

During her 2011 visit, Ms. Sitharaman was elated to meet a few of her former teachers, and shared with them nostalgic memories of her student days.

She had thanked the teachers for shaping her overall personality.


Ref : The Hindu

20 Responses to India’s Defense Minister – Nirmala Seetharaman

  1. Vinatha says:

    நம்மை பெருமை கொள்ள செய்தவருக்கு நாம் நன்றி சொல்வோம்

    • Veeraraghavan Rajagopal says:

      Sure such an honour to our community blessings from all elders

    • Sampath kumar,Srgm Trichy says:

      Yes.Certainly, we are proud.
      We can understand madam’s emtional speech in the parliment shows her patriotism.
      Facts and figures the way madam expressed great.Opposition partties using Parliment as an entertainment ground. We pray Almighty to give her and also to our beloved PM Sri.Modiji healthy and long life. Our country will shine only under Modiji rool.

  2. S.Gopal says:

    GOD give Ms Nirmala Seetharaman Divine Blessings.

  3. S.Gopal says:

    Thank You

  4. Mrs.Malathi says:

    I am also from SRC trichy . I am very proud of Madam NirmalaSeetharaman as Defence minister. God bless Madam to do service for us for the coming years also.Best wishes

  5. I am proud being a brahmin community which having the slogan of Peace and welfare of all livings in the universe. Nobody neglect any one. SARVAM NARAYANAM

  6. Venkataraman Ranganathan says:

    Brahmin contribution to the overall development of our society is enormous and immeasurable.
    Generally, brahmins come from very low middle class lineages and reach pinnacles of achievement in every sphere of life through sheer determination/truth and hard work.
    I have always been a proud brahmin and strived to do my little bit for the cause of our society in general.
    I come from a middle class family.
    Fortunately, God has blessed our family with everything to lead a dignified life.

  7. Jagadha says:

    I agree

  8. LOGANATHAN says:

    I am proud being a brammin community which having the slogan of peace and welfare of all living s in the universe

  9. R Ganapathy says:

    I honestly admire this lady.
    She is indeed versatile and feather to our community and our nation.

  10. N SRIDHARAN says:

    Being a Trichian and my sisters studied in. SRC (I born in Trichy in 1952) it gives me great pleasure on reading about our Defence Minister(and am living in Chennai from 1062 till now.)

  11. N SRIDHARAN says:


  12. Ravi says:

    I am proud to be a Brahmin from Tiruvayaru .
    And was in the Indian Navy as a Commissioned officer for good almost 25 years.
    And I m able to see ,though from outside, as a Ex Servicemen, the kind of positivity and thrust , and dynamism ,which Madam Sitaraman has brought into Armed Forces
    Bravo Zulu

  13. Raghuraman says:

    After Rafaele , Nirmala become a shame . Nothing to eulogise …

  14. M V Seetaraman says:

    நிர்மலா ஓரு தமிழ் தாயின் அன்பளிப்பு. பாரதமாதாவின் தவப்புதல்வி.

  15. Balakumar says:

    I honestly admire our defence minister. I am proud to be a Brahmin because of madam success.

  16. V S Ranganathan says:

    Basically and majority of Brahmins are sincere,hard working and honest. Most of them do not have caste feeling
    anld they do not discriminate between lvariousl caste or group. Nirmala Sitharaman has achieved the distinct position of top four of cabinet ministers and wish her best of luck

    raman has achieved thdistinctionñ of a member of çabinet and hding top four after PM.

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