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2001 – Chitra Ravi, a typical complaining Mom of 2 kids; about school syllabus, home work, the way of teaching, rank, mark, projects in school;
2017: Award winner as game changer who created electronic syllabus for 1st to 5th Students; now it covers 700+ schools and aiming for 10 fold growth.

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Kids get Technology Savvy with EZ Vidya’s ICT Curriculum;

Multimedia educational content for kids is being increasingly incorporated as part of the curriculum by educationists nowadays.
Based out of Chennai, EZ Vidya, a professional consulting organization focused on educational services, has recently launched the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) curriculum, Chrysalis which will be available in schools from April 2007.
The content in Chrysalis is mapped to the main stream academic objectives and standards using 2D animation.
The computer curriculum has been devised for the first to the tenth grade, covering nine technology areas. The themes are of academic relevance and are supported by interactive audio visual aids.
EZ Vidya has also used animation to simulate classroom scenarios in the Teacher Training modules.
There are two major programmes under EZ Vidya‘s wings. The first one, Whole School Transformation Program is a frame work that structures and communicates a clear vision to schools. EZ Vidya works with schools to set and achieve realistic yet challenging academic and administrative objectives.
The second is the Teacher Empowerment Program, in partnership with Wipro, EZ Vidya has facilitated the empowerment of 1000 teachers in making a positive impact in the class room climate.
Speaking to Animation Xpress.com, Chitra Ravi, Founder and CEO, EZ Vidya, shared, “At EZ Vidya we believe that learning can not only be made easy, but also an experience that is rewarding by itself. The joy, we trust, is in the very process. Thus, we strive, in every single endeavour of ours, towards enabling the learner to not only learn effectively, but also discover the inherent ‘joy in learning‘.
In addition to the above, the consulting organization has also partnered with the Aziz Premji Foundation (APF) to develop multimedia content for schools in Tamil Nadu. This content enables thousands of students of government schools to learn Tamil grammar in an interesting way.
Established in 2001, the organization has a team of 64 people.
EZ Vidya is currently working with APF towards producing content on environmental education for students studying in the government schools, seeking expert advice from the C.P.R Environmental Education Centre.
Added Chitra, “Creative educators are constantly looking for new ways to engage and inspire students through multimedia, as well as new ways to present information to students who are becoming increasingly digitally literate. Instructors can use computer animation to demonstrate things visually exactly how they want to since they have control of every aspect of the simulation. It can be used to show how things come together and work together.”
“Nevertheless, EZ Vidya also judiciously uses animation. Animation not for animation‘s sake but for ‘enduring understanding,” she concluded.


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