Lesson From “Mersal

We pray god that none of our Brotherin criticize others based on their Religion / Cast because we know the pain of it.   We could see few of us write / speak in public (media) and attack others based on their religion and cast.   Remember, we are creating new enemies for our community.  We have enough enemies in TN.  Let’s not create new ones.

You have every right to follow any policy / party / movement.  You have every right to argue for your view point.  But when you attack your opponent do not target his cast.

We all know “mersal” controversy.   There are two leaders, from the same party,  lead the argument against “Mersal” movie.  But one leader cast identity is badly commented  (papara puthi) and other leader’s cast identity is not.   We have to understand / acknowledge the situation in TN.

If you attack any movement / person / even based on cast and religion, you are adding new enemies to our community.   Adding more and more enemies will destroy our community in near future.   It means, you have contributed towards eliminating brahmins from Tamil Nadu.  You will get “BRAHMA HATTI DOSHAM” (for killing / troubling / eliminating Brahmins).


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    I agree with your comments and Brahmins face severe discrimination

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