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siva-marriage-1It is not a Matrimony Site.  It is a Discussion area and provide a View point from our Elders.  Readers are requested to take their own decision / actions.

The falling  woman and men ratio is the major challenge of our community.  The biggest problem of our younger generation is to get the right bride for their marriage.  The attached e-Book is published to understand the problem in depth and to know how the other community/state  people trying to solve the same problem.   It is in Tamil version.  We request reader’s full attention towards this problem because if it is not solved, it will eliminate our community in next 20 years.   Thanks.

E-Book On Challenges of Brahmin Marriages

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  1. Free Matrimony Form
    ஸகல ப்ராமண ஜாதக பரிவர்த்தனை

    All instructions have been given in this page… pls refer.

    ஜாதக பரிவர்த்தனை பற்றிய முழு விபரமும் கீழேயுள்ள லிங்க்கில் பார்த்து செயல்படுத்துங்கள்.
    இது தரகர்கள் யாருமற்ற ஒரு இலவச சேவையாகும்
    It is a Non Profitable Action and No Brokers Involved

  2. S Lakshman says:

    You have talked of a trust.A single trust can be created for
    1.To help poor brahmin’s marriages.
    2.To help veda patashalas for vedic studies and training of purohits..
    3.Restore old temples.
    I am old.But i will contribute.

  3. Having travelled across India, we fully agree with your views. My son Ramji, 47, was working as Regional Sales Manager with IDBI – updator service with six lakhs per annum till april 17 and has just left the service on transfer to Gowhathi. We are really not disturbed but feel proud to his cause. He does not want to leave us unattended even for a day. He had left once his job at Dhubai for the same reason. We both are well except for ageing factor and my wife maintains the household well. I am a retired Dy. Asst. Controller from Defence Production and QA Dept and is having my own consultancy.She is a House wife. His marriage proposal is getting delayed due to the girls side demands for shifting to their place. We now have decided to go in for a perfect family Girl who comes to us like our daughter and be a perfect partner to our son and keep both, our’s and her family happy. God has given more than enough to us with individual house, cars etc. No encumbrance for us except his marriage. No status bar except the girl must be min 12th. Very simple marriage and we will certainly have our own grand reception. we come from a Gandian family and neither give nor take dowry. Interested persons can directly contact us on Mob : 9444640723/ 044-26383005 and mail us on, to know more about us pls. Any girl from any state, any mother tongue but purely veg preferred. Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada or any other who can understand any of the above ones.

  4. I can help you by matching horoscopes freely for matrimony, if they are sent to my e mail id ramachander926 at gmail dot com

  5. Lakshmanan says:

    Proud to be Brahmin.

  6. Radhikavenkatramana says:

    Better write in English.the other south Indian brahmim groups will understand,help you.welcome the dil with pleasure.don’t follow any orthodox ritual which may hurt your practical,encourage the youngsters to tie the wedding knot within our Brahmins caste.

  7. Very nice to be part of your group.Iwould like to know whether you are organising exchange of horoscoes since l am seeking alliance for my son aged 38 years.

  8. Rajalakshmi narasimhan says:

    I will do my best

  9. Sathyanarayanan says:

    ஒரு நல்ல உதவிக்கரம்.

  10. After attaining puberty, the girl unknowingly suppresses her sexual instinct which is against nature. But some girls submit themselves to their choice of men. So results the ‘Inter caste marriage.It is ideal for a girl to get married at the age 18. For the bridegroom the age difference can be 5-10 years. After marriage the girl can pursue further studies if it is compromised. This way brahmin community can retain the brides for the benefit of pitiable bridegrooms.

  11. Ramakrishnan says:

    I am looking for a bride for my younger brother in Chennai. He has done Bcom and taking care of our father’s business in Ambattur industrial estate. He is 31 years. No expectation. We are just looking for. Brahmin girl with sathvika qualities.
    Please contact 04428384908

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