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Thanks for visiting us.


  1. We DO NOT accept any donation from public
  2. We DO NOT take any political sides;  We rarely publish article of political in nature.  We strongly believe our voting / political affiliation  should be based on what is good for Tamil Nadu / India;
  3. We like to stay away from away from flash light of fame.  DO NOT publish photos of individuals / founder of the organization.
  4. We DO NOT organize meetings, provide membership etc.
  5. We DO NOT publish any article criticizing/hurting  any other community / religion.
  6. It is a place for Tamil Nadu Brahmins to discuss our own problems and solve them.
  7. Last but not the least :  Unyielding Integrity is our Promise .


We often get emails / messages on how to help the community to prosper and how to contribute to B4Society.   We are listing out few areas we need help.  Please select the areas of your interest.  Again, we do not collect money  / handle any financial transactions in this forum.

Cat – A :  Connecting People

Purpose  :  We wish to create a electronic bridge for Tamil Nadu Brahmins living across world.  We need to connect atleast 2% of our population electronically.  This bridge will be  very responsible and finding the way to help each other and helping the society in general.  We have a FB group with 8500 members and we also have email group.   We post 2 or 3 articles per week in FB and one mail message to email group.

How you can help :  

Connect your friends / relatives to our FB group and email group.

Face Book Group :

Email group :

Cat – B : Research / reading based work

Purpose :  Need to collect details about Brahmin’s Contributions towards society;  It should be a electronic database in the site.  This should inspire our younger generation to give more to our country.  The achievers story will create more achievers.

How you can help: 

Whenever you read about achievers who are from our community, please send us a complete article with reference.

Please who love to research, who read a lot, who have wide knowledge, please do  Google research / Books / News items / Articles from blocks etc and provide good articles to us. –

Rules :

a. Your reference article should be 100% true

b. It should be published article

c. It should be interesting to read and inspire people

Cat-C :  Hindi version 

Purpose :  We are trying to connect TN brahmins to other parts of the country.  If the network is created, it may be helpful in business or even in marriage alliances.

How you can help: 

The idea is to bring the site in Hindi.  We have infrastructure ready start the Hindi version.  If you have good knowledge in Hindi (read / write / speak), you can help us in creating Hindi version.

If you are good  in other langues like Telugu/Malayalam and others, you can help us in creating that version of

It is a regular work;  You may end up in spending 2 hours every day and it take a year to complete the basic version of the website. If you are really committed to do this, please email is.

Cat-D :  Business Training 

Purpose :  The community needs to be changed to Job Providers from Job seekers.  We are trying to establish dedicated Training facility for our community members in chennai and other major cities of tamil nadu.

What we need: 

a. Soft skill trainers (who are already experienced as trainers)

b. Any A/c infrastructure to conduct a class (halls / big rooms etc).

Cat-E :  Namma Koil Project 

Please read Namma Koil Project details.  We need people who can identify temples, auditor accounts, connect with sponsors, connect with priest etc.  Please read full article in

Cat – F :  Business – Network and mentorship

Purpose  : Live a Big life – Support one person / one family in your field / your business.

  1. We are identifying list of business which suites our nature. Any addition is most welcome.
    2. If you are in business, can you coach/Guide our people in that business (non competitive areas).  E.g if you are running a Computer repair center in Ashok Nagar Chennai, you can guide the person in Srirangam.
    3. Any distribution channel partners (distributors / stockiest) , freelance jobs etc; Please post to us
    4. Very important : Buy smaller items (At least worth of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 per month) like Appalam, Vadam, Pickle, biscuts, dates etc from small businessman. It helps small business people irrespective of the community

Cat-G :  Power Full people contribution

Purpose  : Lead a Big life / Helping Community is Path to Heaven

If you are a high powered man, wealthy man, the following can be considered.

  1. Marriage Halls
  2. Dedicated Coaching Centers for Government Jobs (IAS / Group I etc)
  3. Angel investors to invest and grow our community member’s business venture
  4. Adopt Veda padasalai students
  5. Start a NGO / Business for offering Online Booking site for Prohit’s (Iyer) and make them get a proper monthly pay. Few software people can make this wonder.
  6. Adopt “Archagar” family (education for students; career growth)

You need not be rich to do it.  But collect monthly contribution from all your family members (for example, Rs. 1000 pm from each earning member, around 30 members in the family can start a trust and you can do good things and get tax benefits too).


The above said things are dreams / needs of our community.  They are not new.  Many communities in Tamil Nadu help each other and grow.  The family finance the business and share the profits.  They run the community marriage hall and rent it to their community members for free or cheap rate.  They create business network and help each other.

Whatever the capacity you have, please extend the helping hand.   Start any initiative with your friends / relatives or like minded people.  You can connect with us or you can do on your own.   Use BFS platform to connect with right thinking people and proceed.

One action is better than 100000 words and empty advice.


I you are interested to join us and  contribute to B4Society:
1. Weekly couple of hours time
2. Interest in organizing similar mentality people
3. Joy of doing social work / connect
4. Not keen on fame
Special Note:
Warning – 1:  One week syndrome 
Many read our website and come forward to help us.  Unfortunately their interest will not last more than 7 days.  They could not pursue further because of their time constraints and other personal problems / family issues or career challenges.  It is common that all of us are from middle income group, we cannot spend effort and time on our wish.  The good thinking cannot be translated to action because we all leading a difficult life and facing challenges every day.
But unfortunately, we spend lot of time with them in explaining our objective and understand them where we can jointly work.  It take lot of time to understand each other.  But after a week time, we could not contact them or get anything from them.    We are not complaining about them; but it is happening again and again.
When we receive a mail from  you on how you can help, we normally ask the people to take 1 week time to think and then commit their time and effort.   You can be a good supporter for B4Society even you cannot spend much effort and time.
Social  and service activity should be enjoyable, then only one can do it.  Others can be well wishers, but may not be the active participants.
Warning – 2: supporters vs volunteers
We avoid following people :
1. People who are not practical (They give idea of starting bank for brahmins , creating news paper / agency / TV channels  for brahmins community etc; Many do not understand the practical problems and our capacity to execute it; For example. to start a bank, you need 500 crore deposit with RBI and atleast another 500 core for running the bank;  Simple comment in Face book “we should start the bank” is really laughable)
2. People always associate with one political party and try to connect our community to one Political  party or ideology (we want to remain non-political organization; we avoid taking any political sides).
3. Advisers and only idea generators (These people  assign lot of work for us i.e “You can do this too” ; and never take up any responsibility of their idea.  We appreciate their opinion; The idea is a brain child of one individual.  Others can help only when the idea maker take the first responsibility)
4. People who deviate from the original agenda (We do not change our agenda)
The above said people can be our well wishers and supporters  of our community but very difficult to work them.
Warning – 3: Friends team
We are small team of friends; trying to create some positive impact on our society.  We are looking for friends who are with similar mind set.  We want to / remain to be small team of friends.  We can talk about what we can do; even little we will attempt do; even we fail, atleast we get the satisfaction of our actions.
If you are willing to join
1. you can spend time and effort for betterment of our community
2. You do not get anything except satisfaction
3. You get joy of doing activities / contribution
4, Can you continue to serve even not much people take you seriously (without the support of our own people)
let’s join hands.

Send your details to
Unyielding integrity is our promise.
BFS – Tamil Nadu Chapter