Art of Parenting :

Name of the Project: Project Japanese

Quality of Japanese: Japan is 2nd most developed economy in the world. They have very strong science community and needless to say about their quality control system. They are the founders of Six Sigma and lean processes. People choose “Made in Japan” over “Made in USA”.

But, they are strong g believers of their cultural heritage. They speak their mother tongue. They never give up their old traditional values and strong on integrity and family values.

The question in front of us is how to prepare our future generation with this quality.

We are planning for a detailed manual on Parenting. A dedicated site contains the information about parenting and tracking the growth of the students against the set objectives. It will be available for all parents in Tamil Nadu.

It will cover from 3rd month to 21 years. It should provide objective of each year and steps to be taken / validations / checks and balance for achieving the goals and objectives. It also covers food hobbits, Language power and give a daily / weekly schedule on creativity and health tips etc.

By following the manual, it should prepare kids future ready.

We are trying to find the following team (Dedicated 6-9 months of effort).

Tamil Scholar (1)

Sanskrit Scholar  (1)

Siddha / Auyurvedic Doctors (2)

Nutrition (1)

Paediatrician (1)

Maths / Logic Teacher (1)

Software Man (1)

And as usual ideas from all people.

Please recommend your suggestions on the names of the people who can take up this work and we will contact them.

Important Note to Note : No sambavanai (fees).

Please send your opinion via our website.